frequently asked questions

How do I get started?
If I’m a beginner or haven’t worked out in a long time, what class should I start with?

You can start with whatever class best fits your schedule. Each instructor makes modifications and variations for all fitness levels, so each class includes the same amount of instruction and hands on assistance as the next. We’ll work with you as you listen to your body and work as hard as you can. Even if you’re doing 10% of an exercise, as long as it’s to 100% of your ability, you’ll receive 100% of the benefit and results.Clients are encouraged to take a minimum of 5 open-level classes before they enter an intermediate-level class. Clients are required to take a minimum of 5 intermediate-level classes before taking an advanced-level class.

What amenities does the studio offer?

Women’s and men’s showers with complimentary MALIN+GOETZ products, combination lockers, complimentary towel service, water fountain and bottled water for $2 purchase.

What is the DEFINE kids Program?

DEFINE kids is a fun program for children to attend while parents achieve strength, length and balance knowing their children are safe and nearby. The typical age range is 6 months to 7 years. Space is limited to ensure the safety of all the children. Please reserve your child’s spot in advance! If minors are on the premises while guardians are in class, a DEFINE kids session or package must be purchased.

To register more than one child, please call us or email to request multiple reservations.

Why are socks required in the body studio?

Socks are worn not only for sanitation purposes, but also for added grip and traction on the floor and mat. Socks are required for all body and mind classes and are available for purchase for $14.

Do I need to bring my own cycling shoes?

Cycling shoes are required for our indoor cycling classes for safety and stability. Our bike pedals are compatible with SPD and Look clips. Bring your cycling shoes or you can rent them for $3. Shoes are also available to purchase in studio.

What is an Early Cancellation?

Reservations may be cancelled free of charge either online or by calling the studio at least 12 hours prior to the class start time.

What is a Late Cancellation?
  • A late cancellation occurs when canceling or swapping classes outside of the 12-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel less than 12 hours prior to class, you will lose 1 single class credit. If you are on a Month Unlimited program, you will be charged a Late Cancel Fee equal to the cost of 1 class ($24) or 1 xpress class ($16). This same policy applies for workshops.
  • We provide our monthly unlimited clients, 1 complimentary Late Cancellation each month ONLY by calling the studio directly prior to class start time. After class begins, late cancel fees are charged and can not be refunded.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. New Clients will not be allowed to enter after class starts for safety purposes. Studio doors are subject to lock 5 minutes after class begins.
What are the benefits of the Monthly Unlimited Programs?


  • All 5 methods of classes unlimited
  • FREE Shoe Rentals
  • 15% off clothing
  • FREE access to workshops and events
  • Ability to freeze account for limited time
  • Ability to cancel with required 30-day written email notice


  • 4 methods of classes unlimited
  • 10% off clothing
  • 50% off workshops and events
  • Ability to freeze account for limited time
  • Ability to cancel with required 30-day written email notice
Do you offer a referral program?

Refer a Friend and get 15% off 1 Month for you and your friend. Can NOT be combined with other specials.

What are the Bridal & Groom discounts?

20% discount on programs for 6 months. Please email for more information.

What is the student/teacher/military discount?

20% discount on all programs. Please email for more information.

Do you Offer Corporate or Residential Discounts?

Please email for more information.

What is the minor/guardian policy for DEFINE?

Minors can attend class if accompanied by the guardian. Clients 16 or 17 years of age can attend class without a guardian if their guardian signs waiver. If minors are on the premises while guardians are in class, a DEFINE kids session must be purchased. Reserve your child’s spot in advance.

Why do I need to keep my credit card on file if I am on Unlimited Auto-Renew?

DEFINE requires a valid credit card on file for Monthly Unlimited Auto-Renew as it will be charged the same amount every month. If for any reason your credit card becomes invalid we will attempt to email you once.

What is the retail return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return or exchange it within 14 days of purchase if all tags are on and it is in the same condition as when you purchased it. Accessories and sale items can not be returned.

Can I attend class if I am pregnant or postpartum?

Consulting with your doctor before taking a DEFINE class is recommended. DEFINE Instructors are trained to provide modifications for pregnant and postpartum clients, so be sure to arrive early to class and let your Instructor know.

How many years of age do you have to be to participate in class?

Anyone under 18 years of age is welcome to attend class if accompanied by a guardian in class and the guardian signed the waiver. If the client is 16 or 17 years of age they can attend class without a guardian, however, the guardian must sign the waiver.

body & mind

Why do we need socks?

Socks are worn not only for sanitation purposes, but also for added grip and traction on the floor and mat. Socks are required for all body and mind classes and are available for purchase for $14.

How often can I take classes?

The DEFINE method is a sustainable approach to exercise. Our diverse array of classes work together to compliment each other and create balance in your body with strengthening, cardio, and stretching so you can take as many classes per week as you see fit. A good goal is 3-5 times a week.

Do I still need to do cardio in addition to DEFINE BODY classes?

This depends on your personal goals. A healthy and sustainable fitness routine requires a balance of strength, cardio and flexibility. Our DEFINE BODY is a complete balanced full body workout included all three of these things, but you will not be “huffing and puffing” during the class. Since we spend a large portion of the class targeting the legs and gluteus, which are the biggest fat burners in your body, you will quickly see and feel those inches dropping without added cardio. However, for maximum results and the quickest total body transformation, we recommend supplementing DEFINE BODY classes with our DEFINE BOUNCE and DEFINE REVOLUTION classes for additional cardio and fat burning!

Does this technique replace weight training?

The DEFINE method incorporates strength and resistance training for the entire body. If you are looking to build lean, long, and tone muscles, all DEFINE classes can help you replace the need for weights. Through the use of small hand weights as well as body weight, our classes strengthen every part of the body, largely focusing on the upper body, legs, the gluteus muscles, your abdominals, and the entire core. Our focus is on proper form while fatiguing the muscle group being worked, followed by rejuvenating stretches which helps tone and lengthen the muscles.

What results can I expect to see and when?

You can begin to see and feel results in as little as 10 classes. This varies depending on how often you attend class and what your lifestyle and nutrition are like. Our technique of concentrated muscle fatigue followed by focused stretching maximizes your efforts and helps the body’s system work together in a strong, powerful way. Our instructors are always happy to speak with you about your goals and help you to achieve them in a healthy, balanced manner.

Will any injuries or lack of flexibility prevent me from taking class?

Absolutely not. During your initial visit, we will ask for an evaluation of your body and any previous or current strains or injuries our team should be aware of. Any injuries or ailments will be communicated to the instructor, as well as noted on your profile for future reference. Each exercise can be modified to eliminate any strain or discomfort. With flexibility being a foundation principle of the class, we will work with you to ensure proper form and allow you to progress naturally.

Can I take DEFINE BODY, MIND and BOUNCE classes if I am pregnant?

You may take body and mind while pregnant! We do not recommend taking bounce while pregnant as bouncing can add more pressure to your pelvic floor muscles. We also do not recommend taking inversions while pregnant during the mind class. It is recommended that you begin classes early in your pregnancy and you consult with your doctor before you begin any exercise program. Also, please tell your instructor if you are pregnant as we have several modifications that we do for each stage of pregnancy. As with all of our classes, we encourage each student to take it at their own pace.


What is DEFINE revolution?

DEFINE’s spin on indoor cycling adapts the ultra-effectiveness of DEFINE body to the bike, combining principles of isometrics with cardio blasting high intensity fun. This 45-minute ride incorporates high-energy music with choreographed movements on a stationary bike for a full body workout.

Are shoes required for class?

Yes. Spin shoes with clips are required in the DEFINE revolution class. If you are interested in renting spin shoes, the rental fee is $3 per pair.

Which spin shoe clips are compatible with your pedals?

Our Schwinn bike pedals can be used with either SPD or Look clips.

Is water provided?

We have a complimentary water fountain and sell bottled water in studio for $2! You are welcome to bring your own reusable bottle or purchase a water bottle in studio.

How many calories are burned during a class?

Depending on your body weight and amount of exertion used, you can burn about 500-600 calories, on average, in a DEFINE revolution class.

Will revolution build my thighs?

The amount of cardio vascular movement in a DEFINE revolution class far outweighs the amount of muscle development that could take place. We do not spend enough time in big climbs to build and bulk.

What is the temperature in the room?

We keep the room temperature set to a comfortable 72 degrees.